Some say sports and politics don’t mix. They do and they must.

Friends of Richard Sherman — a blog created and written by Aaron Leibowitz — uses sports as a platform to examine social, political and historical realities. The games we love both reflect and affect our society, but beyond that, it is our responsibility to claim those games as our own — to demand that, in exchange for our undying love, sports represent a space of which we can be proud.

The briefest of post-game interviews — Richard Sherman screaming into America’s living room — can prompt a national discussion on race. The most celebrated of global sporting events — the World Cup — can be tarnished by corruption and displacement. The simplest of tweets — Dwight Howard’s #FreePalestine — can incite an uproar.

At these moments, Friends of Richard Sherman will step in with reactions, insights and opinions. When Dan Snyder defends a racial slur, FORS will push back. When pundits insist that a gay player is a distraction, FORS will dissent. When the NCAA leeches off the unpaid labor of so-called “student-athletes” — well, you get the point.

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